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Hawkman: The Movie Takes Flight at Warner Bros.

This June is an exciting time for comic book fanboys as 2 superhero movies are scheduled for release. Marvel Comics' X-Men: First Class (June 3), a sort of prequel film by 20th Century Fox set during 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis & DC Comics' Green Lantern in 3-D (June 17) starring Ryan Reynolds.

X-Men: First Class poster

Green Lantern movie poster
Warner Brothers, the studio that's releasing Green Lantern announced that they will bring DC Comics' Winged Wonder, Hawkman to the Big Screen.

Hawkman art by Alex Ross
Hawkman is an American archaeologist named Carter Hall who finds ancient alien 'Nth Metal' during a dig that allows him defy gravity & learns that he's the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian Prince named Khufu who was murder. Warner Bros.' said it would be 'Part Indiana Jones/Da Vinci Code, part Ghost'. I always saw him as across between Conan, with his use of ancient weapons (he loves to bash villains with that big mace) & Flash Gordon (with the sci-fi elements in his background, trips to alien planets).
Handling the project are executive producers Ardian Askarieh, Gregory Noveck (producer behind DC animated movies Wonder Woman & Justice League: The New Frontier), & Will Hackner.
No screenwriter has been hired yet.

The animated Wonder Woman movie

The animated Justice League: the New Frontier movie
This is not the 1st time Warner Bros. has tried to get a Hawkman movie off the ground. Back in 2009 there were talks around Hollywood. Director Zack Synder was said to have turned it down in favor for the Watchmen & now he's doing Warner Bros.' Superman reboot movie.

Watchmen movie poster
Maybe the movie should be something like the 1994 Stargate movie starring Kurt Russell & James Spader?
It not only shares an ancient Egypt background, but also it's sci-fi ancient alien tech.

Stargate movie poster
Well producer Dean Devlin is a comic book fanboy, maybe he was influenced by Hawkman?
Well anyway, we all known Stargate later spins off into a successful TV series Stargate: SG-1. But Canadian actor Michael Shanks, who took over the James Spader role of Dr. Daniel Jackson, would later play Hawkman in a special 2 hour episode of Smallville titled Absolute Justice in 2010, which was pretty good.

The Cast of Stargate: SG-1
Smallville Absolute Justice TV ad
Michael Shanks as Hawkman
Warner Bros. plans for a 2013 release date, same time as their planned Justice League movie with Batman director Chris Nolan as producer.
Is Warner Bros. taking a page from Marvel Studios & building up to JLA movie with a number of superhero movie releases?

The Justice League by Alex Ross
Well Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern is rumored to be apart of the team, well Zack Synder's the new Superman Henry Cavill (Superman: Man of Steel set for December 2012) is said to be a separate film, so a new Superman will casted along with a new Batman (Christian Bale said that the Dark Knight Rises [set for July 2012] will be his last one as Batman). The Flash & Wonder Woman will be rounding out the roster.
Will Hawkman now be included, or will he fly solo?
My guest is if the Avengers movie is as big a hit as Marvel Studios is hoping, DC Comics & Warner Bros. will change there tune.
But that's the Justice League Movie, what about casting for Hawkman?
Who would be a good choice for the role?

Back in 2009 I would of said Gerard Butler just from his performance as King Leonidas in Zack Synder's film adaption of Frank Miller's 300, but he's starting to getting on in years. We need to cast someone from "Young Hollywood" for the role.
Any thoughts ?

~ Raja Devilman74

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