Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: Ring of Honor bought by Sinclair Group

Well I Just heard on a broadcast on Pro Wrestling Report that Ring of Honor, a independent pro wrestling promotion that many considered North America's 3rd Wrestling Promotion behind WWE & TNA, was sold to TV broadcaster Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. with a press conference set for June 24 in Baltimore, Md. to formally announce the sale.

Behind the scenes Sinclair will still have former REO owner Cary Silkin in the front office along with REO's Syd Eick, Ross Adrams, Delirious as head booker, Jim Cornette as executive producer, Kevin Kelly as lead commentator.
Long time Sinclair executive, Joe Koff, is said that he will bring his pro wrestling TV experience he learned back in the 80s as new CEO. A former WCW executive, Gary Juster, will head ROH live event promotions, building up current markets & expanding into new locations following planned TV exposure.

Sinclair plans to air ROH TV in syndication for September 2011, no timeslots were announced at this time, but it will be in the Primetime Weekend periods on their CW & MyNetwork TV affiliates, which are not programmed by those networks.

Sinclair has a 22% market penetration in the Northeast & Midwest U.S., but not many in the Western U.S.
ROH will still show their weekly TV show online so people outside of Sinclair's distribution range can see. Lucky for me up here in Canada, cause that's how I watch ROH. I became a fan of their "strong-style" of pro wrestling in the last few years, having previously had only read about them in magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated.
They've had such wrestlers like A.J. Styles, the American Dragon Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, C.M. Punk, Spanky (Brian Kendrick), Sonjay Dutt etc...

A.J. Styles

The American Dragon

Samoa Joe

The Fallen Angel 
Not to mention the Hotties like Alexis Laree (WWE Diva Mickie James), Traci Brooks (TNA Knockout), April Hunter, Trinity, Allison Danger, & for the Guys who like their Big Girls, Amazing Kong.

Sexy Alexis Laree, aka Mickie James

Tracie Brooks put the T in TNA

April Hunter

Most of these people went on to the "Big Time" working for either Vince McMahon's WWE or Dixie Carter's TNA.

Not sure how this will effect ROH's working relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling, which started in September 2010, in which they have a talent exchange with each other. But since Jim Cornette is still with ROE & being part owner of OVW (with Danny Davis) as well as OVW Head Brooker, things look good for now.

Here's hopes that Pro Wrestling will be fun to watch again
I Can't wait for September.

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