Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Update On DC's Demon Knights!

On the Inside Pulse website it was reported who will be on the team with the Demon besides Madame Xanadu. Writer Paul Cornell (who's also writing the Stormwatch relaunch) said some older well known characters like the Shining Knight (still not sure which one) and my personal favorite, the immortal Vandal Savage will be included. New characters will be introduced  like Al Jabr, a medieval playboy DiVinci-like inventor, and the mysterious Clyemnestra, a greatest Amazon archer. I originally thought like everyone else that it was going to be set right after the fall of Camelot, but Cornell reports it's set hundreds of years afterwards.

Will it be Justin or Ystina?

Vandal Savage joins the ranks

DC's unofficial tagline line in Cornell's own words was: "Swords & sorcery & super heroes. The Magnificent Seven in Dragon Age. Some previous sword & sorcery books always seemed a bit grey & brown to me. This one’s got a team of huge characters in a proper, mapped out, fantasy setting, with a certain grim Game Of Thrones edge to it".

This series is sounding cooler and cooler.

- Raja Devilman74

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