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Pro Wrestling Ramblings: My Thoughts on C.M. Punks leaving WWE

C.M. Punk
On the June 20, 2011 episode of Monday Night RAW C.M. Punk let it be known in a "Shoot"  moment that when his WWE contract ends on July 17, 2011 that he will leave the WWE with the WWE Championship Belt, which he plans to win at Money In the Bank PPV in his home town of Chicago. This lead to talks on the internet of a "Montreal Screwjob" happening at the PPV.
The Infamous Montreal Screwjob
C.M. Punk is perhaps the WWE's most over heel at the moment, a great talker & ring general. WWE would be at a lost if he left. But it's been clear that C.M. Punk's been unhappy in theWWE for awhile.
During his time in the WWE C.M. Punk has not only rub the fans the wrong way (which is a heels job), but also some of the locker room as well. Reports of a run in back stage with the Undertaker 2 years ago and his issues with Jeff Hardy while he work there are well known to the "Smartmarks" out there.

C.M. Punk vs the Undertaker

C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Some believe C.M. Punk is just tried of the backroom politicking & hard WWE work schedule. C.M. Punk isn't a stupid man. He's seen past wrestlers broken down still trying to keep up with today's "young kidz". I don't think he'll go off right away to places like TNA, Ring of Honor, or Japan. People forget that these guys don't get an "Off Season" to rest. I think C.M. Punk will do the same thing as Jericho did a few years ago. Take some time off & rest, than resign with the WWE.

C.M. Punk vs. Mike Knox
Why would he go to TNA? You think the politicking in the WWE is bad? Plus it's a step down in my opinion. TNA didn't even want in in the 1st place years ago, sticking him in with Raven as an adoring "fanboy" in a go-nowhere tag team with Julio Dinero. Not to mention that Jeff Hardy is there. Add C.M. Punk to that locker room and you see some of the "brutal honesty" that's gotten C.M. Punk in trouble in the past. But if he doesn't sign again with the WWE after his "time off", the only place I could see him ending up is the Ring Of Honor.
C.M. Punk in Raven's Gathering in TNA
C.M. Punk must know that in the fall with the Sinclair Group purchase of ROE, that they will need much need "Stars" for their TV show. ROE doesn't have many well known wrestlers on the roster that the general wrestling public knows. C.M. Punk could just become "the New Face of ROE".

C.M. Punk in ROH
 - Raja Devilman74

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