Thursday, 24 November 2011

Free Comic Books: Jack Cole's Plastic Man

It looks like DC's NEW 52 relaunch was a major success, dominating the sales charts. DC plans on what they're calling "phase 2" of the NEW 52. So far a new JSA and SHAZAM! titles are in the works, which I'm happy for as I'm a big fan of both.

There's one character that I hope DC brings back is JACK COLE's PLASTIC MAN. He's a great character in the DC UNIVERSE. I fell in love with the hero when he had his own Saturday Morning Cartoon in the early 1980s.

He's a classic JACK COLE PLASTIC MAN tale from the Golden Age that originally appeared in QUALITY COMICS' POLICE COMICS #51. It featured a cool villain named the GRANITE LADY, that sadly only appeared once. The contrast of his pliability against her indestructible granite body would've made her a interesting recurring villain foe him the face.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: 2011 PWI Female 50 list 30 to 26


5'4"; 126 lbs.; 7 yrs. Pro; Ranked 25 last year

One-half of the former SHIMMER Tag Team Champions The CANADIAN NINJAS (with NICOLE MATTHEWS), this Canadian gal proves that size doesn't matter when you're kicking ass in the ring.

This young lady has tons of experience on the Indie scene. Working for not only SHIMMER, but such promotions like RING OF HONOR, WRESTLICIOUS, former WWE developmental territory HEARTLAND WRESTLING ASSOCIATION, tours in EUROPE and MEXICO (in AAA).

Finishers use include "Kosher Pickle" (spinning / Flip inverted double underhook facebuster), School's Out (Swinging reverse STO), and a sexy cool Superkick.


5'4"; 126 lbs.; 5 yrs. Pro; NL (Not Listed) last year

TNA's "Punk Princess" (under the name of TOXXIN) defiantly has a unique look about her, but it's no gimmick. She's a hardcore punk rocker who's played guitar for several punk bands. Experiences in Mexico's AAA, SHIMMER, & DRAGONGATE USA.

Finishers Double knee facebreaker & a Double underhook facebuster.


5'8"; 125 lbs.; 5 yrs. Pro; Ranked 10 last year

This sexy French Canadian started out as a Canadian glamour model before entering the WWE's 2206 DIVA SEARCH and being hired by the WWE. There she won 2 WWE DIVA CHAMPIONSHIPS, posed for PLAYBOY, and served as co-host on WWE's NXT with MATT STRIKER before being release by the WWE on October 28, 2011.

But don't feel sad for this beauty, she holds a degree in Business Administration and fluent in 3 languages, that an a legit blackbelt in martial arts.

27. JAZZ

5'4"; 132 lbs.; 13 yrs. Pro; Ranked 40 last year

A Veteran of the original ECW and WWE, where she held 2 Women's Titles. Now can be seen it WOMEN SUPERSTARS UNCENSORED. Married to pro wrestler RODNEY MACK, together they own a fitness gym and wrestling school called "The Dog Pound".

Finishers "The Bitch Clamp" (an elevated double chicken wing), STF, and "The Jazz Singer" (sitout facebuster).


5'4"; 125 lbs.; 11 yrs. Pro; Ranked 13 last year

This Former WWE DIVA made a return as a TNA KNOCKOUT this October, where she previously credited for urshing in the TNA KNOCKOUTS Division in 2007.

Canadian born of Korean descent has possed nude in South Korea, which I'm sure future husband celebrity chef ROBERT IRVINE has seen (not to mention all of us).

Versitile wrestler with a Luchadore style, using finishers "Eat Defeat" (inverted stomp facebuster) ans "Happy Ending" (straight jacket neckbreaker slam).

~ Rajadevilman

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Comic Book Movie Ramblings: Justice League Movie in 2015

Well, most comic book & movie fans know that over the years the team of PARAMOUNT PICTURES and MARVEL STUDIOS have released a series of ambitious superhero films (IRON MAN, INCREDIBLE HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER, and THOR) that now will lead into this summer’s AVENGERS. The expectations are that this will be another Blockbuster.

Not wanting to miss out on the big superhero team movie action, rivals WARNER BROTHERS & DC ENTERTAINMENT (both owned by media conglomerate TIME-WARNER) once again are talking about doing a big budget JUSTICE LEAGUE movie for a 2015 or 2016 release date, distributed in partnership with LEGENDARY PICTURES.

The movie project was originally to go into production September 2007 with Australian director GEORGE MILLER (of MAD MAX & HAPPY FEET fame) under the title JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL, until it was put on hold during the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. 

The idea was to do the film completely in motion capture, similar to the 2007 BEOWULF movie, with a $220 million budget. MILLER’s idea also was to cast younger actors who would grow into their roles though a planned movie trilogy.

Over 40 actors and actresses auditioned for WARNER BROS. until MILLER got his new JUSTICE LEAGUE. 

ADAM BRODY (know for the role of teenage Seth Cohen TV’s THE OC) had been cast as BARRY ALLEN / THE FLASH




                                            Yum, Yum, Yum   ;)



Chilean actor SANTIAGO CABRERA (best know for his role as painter Isaac Mendez on the 1st season of TV's HEROES) as ARTHUR CURRY / AQUAMAN

60 year old Australian actor HUGH KEAYS-BYRNE (who work with MILLER in MAD MAX) as THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER

TERESA PALMER (THE GRUDGE 2  and THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE) as TALIA AL GHUL, BATMAN's lover & the daughter of one of his greatest foes, RA'S AL GHUL

Broadway actress ZOE KAZAN as FLASH's girlfriend and future wife, IRIS WEST


Odd choice when I first read this way back in 2007, I know this was to be an all motion capture computer generated movie and the producers were looking for something in the voice acting, but JAY is not what I had in mind for the voice for MAX. But who knows, he's a great young actor who surprises every time I see him on screen. 

The plot followed the JUSTICE LEAGUE battling MAXWELL LORD's O.M.A.C. robots in a plot to takeover the world. 

The mini-movie opening of DC ONLINE could’ve been what this movie could’ve looked like.

Now this new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie will have DC COMICS Chief Creative Officer GEOFF JOHNS, who was Co-Producer on the GREEN LANTERN movie, as an Executive Producer and will be writing first initial treatment with DAVID GOYER, screenwriter on MAN OF STEEL being the favorite for the screenplay.

WARNER BROS. still wants to have DARK KNIGHT RISES director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN and wife, EMMA THOMAS involved in the film in some capacity, most likely as producers. I guest they hop their association will add some prestige to the film project.    

Taking another point from the MARVEL STUDIOS’ AVENGERS film, the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie will be a part of a shared DC Movie Universe, with the GREEN LANTERN and MAN OF STEEL movies being apart of that universe. Plans are to have their respective sequels out before the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie as the first steps in creating the new shared DC Movie Universe.

The idea of having actors HENRY CAVILL and RYAN REYNOLDS reprise their roles of SUPERMAN and GREEN LANTERN is a nice thought, but I think fans would have to play a “wait & see” approach since their contacts only specify only a few sequels to their respective franchises and not a JUSTICE LEAGUE film as of yet.

Sadly actor CHRISTIAN BALE won’t be likely return as BATMAN after DARK KNIGHT RISES, publicly say this would be the finale time he would don the cowl. So a recast would have to be done for the BATMAN role, unless WARNER BROS. makes BALE an offer he can’t refuse.

Besides GREEN LANTERN and SUPERMAN sequels, WARNER BROS. plans other films the be launch before and after THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

THE FLASH, with a screenplay by MARC GUGGENHEIM is in the works.


 and CHRIS PINES (STAR TREK reboot) are being favored by WARNER BROS. for the role.

A new WONDER WOMAN movie is back on track after the whole failed DAVID E. KELLEY TV pilot got canned this fall that starred actress Adrianna Palicki.

DRIVE director NICOLAS WINDING REFIN, who is working on a LOGAN'S RUN remake for WARNER BROS. is in hot pursuit for the gig, speaking publicly that he would cast sexy red head CHRISTINA HENDICKS (known for her role as Joan on TV’s MAD MEN), feeling that she possessed the right assets for the role.

OK, Ah Huh, I can See Why Now ;)

CHRISTINA HENDICKS told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD "I love working with NICOLAS so much, he's such an incredibly talented director. If he gets to direct 'WONDER WOMAN', then I would love to do it with him".

If anyone seen the 2006 WB AQUAMAN / MERCY REEF TV pilot that an AQUAMAN movie could be made interesting as long as they don't go into WATERWORLD territory.

No casting ideas for AQUAMAN as of yet, but JUSTIN HARTLEY's portrayal as AQUAMAN in that 2006 pilot was quite good.

Since the idea is to have DC’s “Big Seven” join forces to battle evil, the traditional seventh member has always been the SUPERMAN-like MARTIAN MANHUNTER. But since the team already has a strongman it's likely they will go into a new direction. 

DC’s NEW 52 relaunch this fall, THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER has been replace by former TEEN TITANS member VIC STONE, THE CYBORG. I’m going to guest that he will be included instead.

Here’s hopes that this time the JUSTICE LEAGUE gets going once again. MARVEL can’t have all the fun now ;)  

~ Rajadevilman74