Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: The WWE Roster Releases

 A number of WWE roster changes starting with the overrated MASTERPIECE CHRIS MASTERS being released finally. 
Chris Masters

Sadly 2 of my favorite Canadian Pro Wrestlers have been release also, former WWE Tag Team Champion DAVE HART SMITH & the super smokin' hot WWE DIVA GAIL KIM, who quit after stupid Twitter complaints about her supposed strange in-ring experiments.

Dave Hart Smith
Take Me to Bed Gail Kim

Another WWE DIVA was release also, the sexy MELINA.

                                      The Sexy Melina
VLADIMIR KOZLOV has been given "the wishing the best of future endeavors" speech.

Vlaimir Kozlov
 MASTERS I can understand, he's never been very good inthe ring, the only reason he landed in the WWE was his "steroid-look" that Vince likes. But SMITH, KIM, MELINA, & KOZLOV? These guys are great in my opinion, always put on a good show for the fans. I guest those stupid "Creative" people couldn't come up with anything for them. COME ON! SMITH was apart of a great team tag in THE HART DYNASTY, if only the WWE would take their collective HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES and put some focus on the tag team division again! KIM is right now the WWE's best female pro wrestler, next to fellow Canadian BETH PHOENIX. While she was at TNA, she help built that TNA KNOCKOUT division to where fans were tuning in just to watch them. WWE should've gave her the ball & let her run with it. She would've scored a huge touchdown for them if they let her. MELINA is another one too! In the last few years she's improved tremendously as a in-ring performer & DAMN! SHE"S SO SEXY TOO! But instead they keep these runway models who have no interest but having their faces on TV so they can use it as a stepping stone for other things. KOZLOV was a great heel. He also had the UFC feel to him that the WWE needed. As much as VINCE & TRIPLE H say the the two are different entities, the UFC is taking the WWE's PPV buys & fans in droves.

The Hart Dynasty

Oh well, Mexican WWE SUPERSTAR SIN CARA, who was suspended last month for a "Wellness failure" will be back in action again, hopefully he's off "the Juice" this time, LOL!

Sin Cara

- Rajadevilman74


  1. are u happy that sin cara got fired

  2. Since Sin Cara came to the WWE, he repeatedly brotched his matches. This reflects badly on Triple H who hired him. But it's the wrestler who the WWE got rid of, not the character, whom they replaced with another wrestler. Hopefully he'll do better.