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Movie Ramblings: River Phoenix's Last Film to be Released 2012

River Phoenix

It's getting closer to Halloween which makes me reminisce about past Halloween events, Horror Movies, Dark Things, etc. Looking though my Movie Collection with the intention of pick some Halloween theme movie I spotted a few classic RIVER PHOENIX movies I haven't watched in a while. My wife mentioned how she had a big crush on him in high school and what a shame he died at such a young age of 23. Just her saying that triggered  my memory, remembering that he died on Halloween night in 1993.

Davis, Phoenix, & Pryce in Utah filming Dark Blood

RIVER PHOENIX was taking a break from production of his latest movie DARK BLOOD for Dutch director GEORGE SLUIZER, co-starring with British actor JONATHAN PRYCE and Aussie actress JUDY DAVIS.
Director Sluizer & Phoenix in Utah filming Dark Blood

In DARK BLOOD, RIVER PHOENIX plays a young widower and drifter named "Boy" who lives as a hermit on a nuclear testing site imagining the end of the world. He subsequently comes to the aid of a couple whose car breaks down in the desert and ends up in a love triangle with the wife.

The Viper Room

 Partying up at friend-actor JOHNNY DEPP's Viper Club, RIVER PHOENIX took a combination of cocaine and heroin referred to as a "speedball", which caused his heart to beat even faster, suffering a fatal heart attack outside the club in the early morning of October 31, 1993.

John Belushi
This same lethal combination cause the deaths of famous actor/comedians JOHN BELUSHI (in 1982) and CHRIS FARLEY (in1997).
Chris Farley

Joaquin Phoenix

Later on in the day I read online that GEORGE SLUIZER told the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER that he plans on finishing his 1993 movie DARK BLOOD starring the late RIVER PHOENIX. SLUIZER hide the footage for over 18 years fearing it might be destroyed or stolen, but now saying that with some creative re-edits and some voice-over work provided by his brother JOAQUIN PHOENIX, he can now make a final-cut of the film which could be release sometime next year.

River Phoenix in Dark Blood

For years rumors of some of the footage could show up in a documentary about RIVER PHOENIX's life and  a few clips would pop-up now the internet now and then.

His death has been compared to that of Movie Icon JAMES DEAN, both dying so young with futures looking so bright because of their extreme talents they possessed.

River Phoenix looking very James Dean-ish
Besides SLUIZER's DARK BLOOD, RIVER PHOENIX was set to play the role of "the Interviewer" in director NEIL JORDON's big screen adaptation of ANNE RICE's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, a role later taken over after his death by actor CHRISTIAN SLATER. At the time I thought RIVER PHOENIX would have been better cast as "THE VAMPIRE LESTAT" than TOM CRUISE with JOHNNY DEPP playing the part of LOUIS rather than unknown actor BRAD PITT. I still enjoyed the movie when in came out in 1994.

River Phoenix as the Vampire Lestat?
Hopefully with the release of his final film DARK BLOOD, the works of RIVER PHOENIX can be enjoy by a new generation of Movie-goers

River Phoenix

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