Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Comic Book Ramblings: New Dragon Age Comic by Dark Horse in 2012

It seems the BIOWARE is really pushing their DRAGON AGE franchise this year. A new DLC for DRAGON AGE 2 (MARK OF THE ASSASSIN) and a tie-in web series (DRAGON AGE: REDEMPTION) starring sexy FELICIA DAY.

To top that off BIOWARE announce at this year's NEW YORK COMIC-CON that DARK HORSE COMICS (who already publish a comic book based on BIOWARE's MASS EFFECT series) will publish a new DRAGON AGE comic book for them.

Set for release in February 2012, it will be overseen by the game's lead writer DAVID GAIDER and be written by ALEXANDER FREED with art by CHAD HARDI.

Dark Horse Comics Promo Art
The comic book is set to feature past companion characters ALISTAIR (from DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS), ISABELA & VARRIC (both from DRAGON AGE 2).

 The trio set off to the city of ANTIVA looking for a "Witch of the Wilds".

Sexy Morrigan

Could we see the return of either fan favorite MORRIGAN or her mother FLEMETH, or an entirely different character. Can't wait to find out in this next chapter of the DRAGON AGE saga.
Flemeth, Is She Back or Not?
The cool thing is that DARK HORSE planning on first releasing the 6-part bi-weekly series digital for only 99 cents. Way better than DC's $2.99 downloads.  

~ Rajadevilman74

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