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Movie Ramblings: My Top Halloween Movies to Watch, Part One

HALLOWEEN is coming up real soon. When the whole "trick or treating" is all done with I plan on a little movie marathon for the night. HALLOWEEN is a great time for watching genre movies, not just HORROR movies.

Here's the first part of MY TOP 10 LIST of HALLOWEEN MOVIES to watch, in no peculiar order.

SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) Director Tim Burton had just came off his horrible experience on the unmade movie Superman Lives and set his sights on a horror movie that would be a loving homage to the classic Hammer Horror Films he loved growing up. For the story Burton choose “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving , loosely based on the book, but paying tributes to both the book and Walt Disney version.
Garthed an amazing cast that included the chameleon actor Johnny Depp, sexy Christina Ricci, sexy Milf actress Miranda Richardson, Marc Pickering, Michael Gamon, Jeffrey Jones, Casper Van Dien, Ian McDiarmid, Hammer Film veteran Michael Gough, and the iconic Christopher Walken.
Burton created an amazing visual feast that he has become known for.

The Headless Horsemen

Sexy Milf Miranda Richardson

THE CROW (1994), an action film based on the 1989 comic book by JAMES O'BARR. The film was by directed by ALEX PROYAS and stars BRANDON LEE (son of legendary BRUCE LEE), in his final film (he was accidentally killed on set), as Eric Draven, a rock musician who is revived from the dead to avenge his own murder, as well as that of his fiancee. It often gets lump in with other comic book superhero movies, but it’s more of a classic revenge flick who’s protagonist happens to be “undead”. A great action movie backed by an awesome soundtrack.

1st app. of The Crow by James O'Barr

Page from The Crow by James O'Barr

EVIL DEAD 2 (1987) is the horror-comedy movie that all others are now measured against, and rightfully so. Director SAM RAIMI shows why he’s one of the best filmmakers out there, and actor BRUCE CAMPBELL gives an iconic performance as the hero Ash. The two would re-team for a sequel in ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992), but it’s this film that's my favorite.

Bruce Campbel as Ash

Karloff & Lanchester
BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935), the sequel to the classic 1931 Universal Monster Movie Frankenstein, by director James Whale starring Boris Karloff (The Monster), Elsa Lanchester (The Bride/Mary Shelley), Colin Clive (Henry Frankenstein), and Ernest Thesiger  (Dr. Septimus Pretorius).
Considered superior to the first film, this was the first Universal Monster Movie I saw as a kid on TV on late night movies shows, and I’ve been a fan since them. To me Boris Karloff is the iconic Frankenstein monster.

Elsa Lanchester as the Bride

Sexy Topless Bride by artist Miravai

Is an annual Halloween event around the world at Midnight showing since the 1970s. Richard O’Brien’s cult rock musical introduced the world to the amazing talents of actor Tim Curry as “Frank N-Furter”, as well as starring Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, along most of the original cast members from the 1973 Kings Road production in London (Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell Campbell, Jonathan Adams, and rock star Meat Loaf ). A parody of B-movie, science fiction and horror films of the late 1940s to early 1970s, who’s music is played perhaps at every Halloween party.

~ Rajadevilman74

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