Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: My thoughts on John Morrison's Wrestling future

JOHN MORRISON's last WWE appearance was on the November 28th edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW, were he was given a beat down by his former tag team partner THE MIZ.

The next day his WWE contract expired leaving him a free agent. Previously WWE executive vice president of talent relations JOHN LAURINATIS (aka, JOHNNY ACE) Twittered that there was no plan to re-sign JOHN HENNIGAN (JOHN MORRISON's real name), noting his recent win-loss recorded.

It's sad to see, that a guy that the WWE was pushing so hard just a year ago has fallen from grace with the office. JOHN HENNIGAN has has been with the WWE since 2002 and still hasn't reach that Upper WWE SUPERSTAR level like a RANDY ORTON or JOHN CENA.

Many have speculated that JOHN HENNIGAN will follow many other ex-WWE talents and go over to TNA along with his on-and-off again girlfriend MELINA PEREZ, who was released from the WWE way back in August 2011.

Personally I think it would be a mistake for HENNIGAN to go TNA. 1st JOHN HENNIGAN wouldn't be able to use the JOHN MORRISON persona that he and the WWE have been building up for the last few years. HENNIGAN and TNA would have to develop an entirely new look & persona. Some speculate that he might used MELINA's new pet name for him, JOHNNY THUNDER. Cute huh, hope DC COMICS doesn't notice it.

Then there is that unattained Superstar status that HENNIGAN never reach in the WWE. He would be just another mid-card wrestler entering TNA. He might get a big welcome, get a couple of big matches, then get lost in the TNA shuffle like so many others. TNA has a dozen or so guys that do the same work in their underused X-Division. Zero chance of standing out their.

But I must say a dream match between him and A.J. STYLES on who is the best high flyer in the world would be great.

Plus sadly TNA would only give MELINA a fresh pool of guys for her to sleep around with behind his back.

Everyone remember when she was sleeping round with DAVE BASTISTA when seeing HENNIGAN at the same time. Hopefully HENNIGAN isn't thinking with the wrong head and does not go to TNA with MELINA (if she decides to).

I'm go to agree with JIM ROSS who said on his Blog that HENNIGAN will more likely take the time off and heal old injuries. People got to remember that these WWE guys don't get any time off except when they get hurt unfortunately.

Perhaps will see him return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble, maybe they can re-team him with his old M-N-M tag team partner JOEY MERCURY and restart the WWE's tag team division just in time for WRESTLEMAINIA.

But considering what happened last WRESTLEMAINA with his snub at legendary WWE DIVA TRISH STRATUS because of her supposedly stealing MELINA's "spot", I don't see a WRESTLEMANIA spot being give to him again.

Some feel that JOHN HENNIGAN should have reached that level of Superstardom by now having been with the company for 10 years. Me, I think of how they said that of MARK HENRY and now look at what he is now. The WWE's biggest monster heel.

Maybe the time off will be good for JOHN HENNIGAN, it will make wrestling fans miss him.

~ Rajadevilman74

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