Sunday, 4 December 2011

Free Comics: The Skull Killer in the Curse of the Octopus

I've been a fan of old pulp heroes of the past after discovering old DOC SAVAGE paperbacks in my youth.  It was his adventures that made me seek out others like him. I found paperback copies over the years of THE AVENGER and his JUSTICE, Inc., THE SHADOW, G-8 & HIS BATTLE ACES, & THE SPIDER.
I also purchased comic book versions of these pulp heroes. But in the back issues bin of a comic book shop / used book store that I found a old copy of a 1975 black & white comic book titled THE SKULL KILLER written by BRANDAN FAULKNER, art by GARRY TERRY, and published by an underground comics publisher called PULPMANIA, Inc.

THE SKULL KILLER first appeared in the 1939 pulp magazine THE OCTOPUS by POPULAR PUBLICATIONS.

THE SKULL KILLER was a violent gun-wielding vigilante who would leave a skull-imprint on his enemies (like THE SPIDER). THE SKULL KILLER was a young millionaire philanthropist & hospital administrator Jeffrey Fairchild. But he was also the kindly Dr. Skull, an old man who help the poor in the city slums. THE SKULL KILLER was assisted by Carol Endicott, Dr. Skull’s nurse; Syn, Fairchild's Sikh manservent; & Norvell Quinn, an ex-gangster.   

The SKULL KILLER fought a mad scientist with a desire to rule the world called THE OCTOPUS. Working out of a big city hospital, appears as a sea-green, four "suction-cupped weaving tentacles", above a pair of "hideously malformed" legs. He wore a small mask and had two glowing purple eyes. THE OCTOPUS was the leader of  a cult called the Purple Eyes, and chosen method of chaos was an "ultra-violet ray" which devolved men and women, turning them into deformed, life-hating monsters hungry for human flesh and glowing with “ultraviolet purple.” 

Enjoy :)

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  1. Loved this book. Wished "Gary Terry" had done a series of twelve.