Friday, 2 September 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: My Top 10 Dream Matches, Part 1

Since I was a kid I would make-up pro wrestling "Dream Matches" of my favourite wrestlers. Pitting wrestlers from rival promotions against each other. When the 1990s came I was in high school, my friends & I would create these WWF vs. WCW Dream Cards during the height of "the Monday Night Wars".
It seemed in 2001 when WWF bought WCW that those Dream Matches could come true, but sadly we know how that turned out.
Thinking about this I decided to do I Top 10 list of Dream Matches. Here are numbers 1 to 5.

1.                                               STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN 


                                                                      BILL GOLDBERG 

This was perhaps every wrestling fan's #1 Dream Match during the 1990s when the Monday Night Wars was Hot! Their looks & styles were similar, some say that GOLDBERG was a direct rip-off by WCW of STONE COLD. I really hoped that this match would happen when WWF had their 2001 Invasion angle starting off, but instead when got almost everybody from the WCW B-Roster. Only Brooker T & DDP were big names and WWF totally mishandled them. My thoughts on the WWF's total mess up of the Invasion will be for another time. But the the time GOLDBERG made it to the WWF in 2003, AUSTIN's back was so messed up that he couldn't wrestle anymore.

2.                                                          THE UNDERTAKER 


This Dream Match was talked about happening at the last WRESTLEMANIA during when STING was a free agent from TNA. Two of Pro Wrestling darkest characters in a face-off would've made a great last match for the UNDERTAKER. During the Monday Night Wars era, these 2 were larger than life, real life comic book characters.

3.                                               The MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE 


                                                                      THE ROCK

Could the Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment take on the Madness? The one wrestling Superstar the ROCK didn't get to face. After GOLDBERG, their was just SAVAGE or STING for the ROCK to face off. But sadly with  the death of the MACHO MAN this year that will now never happen.

4.                                                              KEN SHAMROCK 


                                                              KURT ANGLE 

The World's Most Dangerous Man vs the American Olympic Hero. SHAMROCK was just leaving the WWF as ANGLE was just starting out there, so the fans missed out a potential rivalry. But way back in March 2002 I can remember reading about the WWF having talks about bring back SHAMROCK for a shoot-fighting style program with KURT ANGLE to capitalize on the growing popularity of the UFC. Sadly the deal fell apart when the WWF wouldn't give SHAMROCK the easy schedule that HOGAN, HALL, & NASH were given. So once again the short-sighted WWF missed out an what could of been a series of great matches with 2 great wrestlers. They might of pick up a few UFC fans also, instead of losing them.

5.                                                     THE BRITISH BULLDOGS

                                                      THE ROAD WARRIORS 

This one a little different as it's a tag team dream match. This one goes way back to my childhood in the 1980s as I put two of the greatest tag teams in history against each other. Both are Powerhouses, little more in the ROAD WARRIORS, but the BULLDOGS had the great mate technician the DYNAMITE KID. I wished the WWF picked up the WARRIORS before the BULLDOGS broke up in the 1980s.

- Rajadevilman74

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