Wednesday, 28 September 2011

End of an Era as Blockbuster Canada Closes

It's the End of an Era, unable to complete with the new digital movie download revolution from such places as NetFlix, so after some 21 years the Blockbuster Canada video rental store in my town finally closed it's doors as so many others did across Canada putting out 2,500 of people out of work Nationwide.

It didn't take long as Blockbuster put it's movies up for sales, 50% off or even lower. It was sad as I walked into Blockbuster one last time with my daughter and seeing all the empty sleeves.

As a family, we would make weekly trips or as we called them "family walks" to Blockbuster to rent the latest releases or pick up an old favorites. My daughter would feel like such a grown-up as we let her choose her own movies and with a big smile on her face let her give it to the cashier to rent it.

It was also a place for me to try out the latest video games without spending the huge amounts on a game that I might not like.

Ironically, it was Blockbuster that put out the old "Mom & Pop" video stores on it's rise to the top and now it suffers the same fate.

- Rajadevilman74


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