Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pro Wrestling Ramblings: Triple H Takesover WWE

Triple H & Vince
Well, unless you been living under a rock you know that on the last Monday Night RAW (18/7/11) Vince McMahon was replaced as WWE Chairman of the Broad by his Son-in-law Triple H.


Well wrestling fans, we knew it was going to happen sooner than later. Vince is at that point in his life where he wants to spend time with the grand kids & enjoy life a little after all the years he's put into the WWE.
OK, Vince will still be behind the scenes & Triple H role is more of on screen thing, but they are preparing the way for a WWE Post-Vince McMahon.

Most of you may know that in 2010 Triple H took the role as executive senior advisor, placed in charge of a new talent development, focusing on worldwide recruitment, training & character development of future WWE employees. His 1st recruit was Mexican superstar Mistico, who was introduced as Sin Cara in the WWE.

WWE's Sin Cara, aka AAA's Mistico

But here's hoping that WWE improves with Triple H being more involve behind the scenes now than as a in-ring performer. I think he's more in-tuned with what wrestling fans like than Vince, who I feel is more out of touch.

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