Thursday, 31 May 2012

I Love New 52 Earth 2 (Spoilers)

The Earth 2 concept was 1st introduced in the pages of the classic Silver Age Flash story "Flash of 2 Worlds" in 1961 by DC's chief writer at the time, Gardner Fox.

Now in 2012 DC has revised the whole Alternate Earth as apart of their "2nd Wave" of their "New 52".
Earth 2 is written by James Robinson (The Golden Age & Staman) and art by Nicola Scott (Birds of Prey & Teen Titans).

Earth 2 starts out with a Big Bang, Earth has been devastated by an alien invasion lead by Jack Kirby's classic New God Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. The last of Earth 2's Greatest Superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (I loved their costume designs more than their counterparts in the "mainstream" DC Universe) and their sidekicks, Earth 2's versions of Robin (who's Batman's daughter Helena) & Supergirl make make a last ditch effort one last stand against overwhelming odds.

In the trench's we meet U.S. Army Sgt. Al Pratt (the future Earth 2's Atom).

We find out that Wonder Woman is the last of the Amazons and that most of the Roman Gods are dead when she is payed a visit by Mercury (here Wonder Woman's patrons are Roman Deities instead of Greek) who says his farewell before flying off.

Earth 2's Wonder Woman killed by Steppenwolf.

Superman is blown up.

This leaves just Batman to destroy the Enemy base. In a tearful goodbye to his daughter Robin, Batman does just that, making the ultimate sacrifice.

But not before Supergirl & Robin escape through a portal, maybe heading to the main Earth of the New 52, where they become the Huntress & Power Girl in the pages of Worlds' Finest (another of the "2nd Wave" books) by Paul Levitz, George Perez, & Kevin Maguire.

The Huntress' look stays pretty much the same, while Power Girl gets a totally new look, much to the disappointment of Fanboys Worldwide :(

Then flash forward (no pun intended) 5 years later, the world recovers from what has been named "the Apokolips War".

We meet a young handsome billionaire CEO of GBS, Alan Scott (the future Earth 2's Green Lantern) who flies off to China in his private jet. DC plans on making this new revamped Alan Scott their much hype "Major Gay Superhero". 

So the guy who gets his superpowers from a magic green flame & who's weakness is wood is now DC Comics official Flaming Gay Man who is susceptible to Wood. Makes sense to me ;)

Then are introduced to a younger 21 year old college grad Jay Garrick as he is being dump by his girlfriend.

Just when Jay thinks his life is over the Roman God Mercury drops in front of him, which makes me question where has the God of Speed been for the last 5 years?

Any way, this leads to a much better origin for the Flash then his old Golden Age Origin which involved him breathing in "hard water" fumes.

It looks like the start of a new Justice Society forming, inspired by the heroic sacrifices of the Big 3.
When known at the end of Mr. Terrific's cancelled title that he travelled across dimensions, perhaps to Earth 2?

Robinson also plans on having Rex Tyler, the Hourman appear as Jay Garrick's ex-girlfriend Joan mentions going to for TylerChem.

With Earth 2 #4 debuts Hawkgirl, who takes the place of Earth 2's Batman as "the World's Greatest Detective" spotting twin .45s in each hand.

I Can't wait to see what Robinson got in-store for us next and how these heroes become the Justice Society.

~ Rajadevilman74

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